DJ Dave the Rave - Dave Hicok - - Big night club DJ and 5 star award winning DJ for private and public affairs.

More DJ's to list. Search and find them. DJ Bobby Zee Johnny Viscious, Tony Draper, Brad Scott Smith (Used Grooves Records), Dave Dodd, DJ Rob, DJ Mitch Kramer, Super J, Jonathan Peters, Victor Calderone, Tiesto, Jellybean Benitez, DJ Nappz, Richie Rydell, Dave Mondo, plus many more.

Vito Trapasso. Like a brother. Turned me on to the awesome ways of music, and how much you can do with it. Vito owns Jersey Shore Marina. If your interested in anything boats. contact him at 732-840-9530.

DJ Spawn - DJ Shawn Foley - - - Great EDM and House DJ. Also a reporter for Billboard Magazine.

DJ Mike Cruz - Super Producer, Remixer, and DJ. Mike Cruz is one of the best DJ's/Producers in the country. Mike has done magic with many big artist (Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Andy Grahmer, and lots more. Note... Mike is also a great person, and a awesome friend and bother. Mike is all over the internet. Search DJ Mike Cruz or Mike Cruz. You'll find him on Beat Port, Sound Cloud,, You Tube, etc.

​5 Star superstar.

As always special people get special thanks and plugs. If I forget someone let me know.

DeeJay NoGood and DJ Santos. 2 great DJ's from the Lehigh Valley. Check them out on the internet and Facebook for bookings and planned events.

DJ Christian Cappuccio.​ Of course my self. I just been doing guest spots and small gigs. 30 years wiped me out. I don't do private parties. I will be having a Saturday residency upcoming. Depending on how permits and crap work out. That gig will be an all out Tech House and EDM House. Not an iPhone party. I will maintain promoting new music and playing progressive music like I've always done. I will be adding more to this site as time goes by.

Matty G. Great DJ. when playing with DJ Spawn, it's an incredible show to see them.